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Seminar Introduction to Stock Market Analysis


taught by Prof. Dr. S. Perminov (Moscow State University)

  • Mondays, 16:00-18:00, HS 1236 (KG I)


The seminar starts on Monday,  April 20, 2015.


A key objective of this seminar is to develop analytical skills for making sound investment decisions, based on publicly available information, while developing reasoning and critical thinking skills through presentations and extensive in-class discussions.

The seminar introduces students to investment analysis, including fundamental, technical, and industry analysis, as well as to selection of appropriate investment vehicles, including options strategies.

Necessary tools and concepts will be introduced in some lecture parts and open discussions based on a specific showcase presented by the lecturer. With this knowlegde, the participants are expected to prepare a case study on their own of a publicly traded company of their choice.

Final grades are based on the case studies presented by the participants. The seminar accounts for 4 ECTS points.

A more detailed decription and outline of the seminar can be found here.



The number of participants for this seminar is limited to 20. Interested students are asked to register via email

not later than Tuesday, March 31, 2015

to Please also state your course of studies, number of terms, and attach a transcript (Leistungsübersicht) there.


The lecture is open for M.Sc. Economics, M.Sc. VWL as well as B.Sc. and M.Sc. Mathematics.

In M.Sc. Economics, the course can be credited in the profile "Finance".

In M.Sc. VWL, the course can be credited for Accounting, Finance, and Taxation (new examination regulations, valid from winter term 2014/2015)

For students of B.Sc. or M.Sc. Mathematics (especially within the special profile "Finanzmathematik" of the latter), the seminar can be credited as an elective (in economics).



For the technical analysis as well as the preparation of the final presentations some basic knowledge in appropriate computer programs (Excel, R or similar software packages).

Further a certain level of experience with stocks, options, and other assets is expected which can be acquired, for example, in the lecture Futures and Options. Students who are interested to participate in the seminar, but have not heard this lecture yet, should attend the lecture from Prof. Dr. Lütkebohmert-Holtz in parallel to the seminar in the summer term.

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