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Financial Institutions and Crisis (Bundesbank Lecture)


Taught by Prof. Dr. Falko Fecht (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Thursday27.11.201412:00 - 14:00HS 2006
  16:00 - 18:00HS 2006
Friday28.11.201409:00 - 12:00HS 2006
  14:00 - 16:00HS 2006
Saturday29.11.201409:00 - 12:00HS 2006
Thursday05.02.201512:00 - 14:00HS 2006
  16:00 - 18:00HS 2006
Friday06.02.201509:00 - 12:00HS 2006
  14:00 - 16:00HS 2006
Saturday07.02.201509:00 - 12:00HS 1016


For the outline of the course please click  here.



The first exam is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2015, from 10-12 in HS 2121, KG II.

The registration period for the exam is from 10.01.2015 to 04.02.2015. Please also look at the websites of the examination office for further and possibly updated information!



The course accounts for 4 ECTS based on a  written exam.

The lecture is open for M.Sc. Economics and M.Sc. VWL.

In M.Sc. Economics, the course can be credited in the profiles "Finance" and "Economics and Politics".

In M.Sc. VWL, the course can be credited for Accounting, Finance, and Taxation (new examination regulations, valid from winter term 2014/2015)


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