FRIAS-Konferenz 2019


 Conference on Systemic Risk and Financial Stability

September 19th/20th, 2019

Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

The conference will bring together researchers working in the areas of finance, economics and statistics to discuss new research on sources of instabilities in financial systems. This includes among others the modelling of systemic risks in financial networks, the analysis of interbank loan markets as well as the investigation of risks inherent in shadow banking. In addition, the conference aims at advancing research that focusses on the link between financial markets and the real economy. Further, it will provide a forum to discuss methods that improve the resilience of the financial system to adverse shocks and that aid to prevent potential spillover effects to the real economy.


Conference Themes

The conference will cover both theoretical and empirical research on topics like (including, but not limited to)

  • Systemic risk in financial networks
  • Risks in interbank markets
  • Shadow banking and Fintech
  • Interaction between financial system and the real economy
  • Risk management
  • Macroprudential regulation of systemic risk
  • Policy implications


Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Hui Chen (MIT Sloan School of Management)
  • Rama Cont (University of Oxford)
  • Yvan Lengwiler (University of Basel)
  • Steven Ongena (University of Zurich)
  • Luitgard Veraart (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Stefan Weber (University of Hannover)
  • Mungo Wilson (University of Oxford)

Conference Organizers


Conference Venue

Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Albertstraße 19
79104 Freiburg i.Br.



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