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Student Assistant Position for Tutorials

The Department of Quantitative Finance is seeking applications for

Student Assistant Position

for 2x additional tutorials (one in English, one in Chinese) for the lecture

Principles of Finance.


The tutorials will take place weekly this summer term 2023
from April 17th to Juli 22nd, 2023.

1x tutorial consist of approx. 46 working hours (divided into April-Juli).


The lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Lütkebohmert-Holtz and the main tutorial will be supervised by Hongyi Shen.

In the tutorials additional exercises will be discussed to further practice the material from the lecture. Assignments and corresponding sample solutions will be provided. No exercises have to be corrected.

Prerequisites for this position are a very good grade in Principles of Finance, very good English and/or Chinese skills.

We look forward to receiving your application materials:

- cover letter
- curriculum vitae
- overview of credit points
- indication of how many tutorials you would like to hold (1-2)

Please send your application to.

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