Eikon for Students

We currently do not have a license for this software. As soon as we renew our subscription, we will be able to grant you access again.

For using the service Eikon for students, please contact our Sekretariat and arrange an appointment.

You cannot use the service without an appointment!

Per appointment you'll get an all-day access to the terminal. Admission to the terminal is always:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:30am - 13:00pm.

Please inform yourself in advance about the service and its features on refinitiv.com Here you have free access to tutorials.


Helper Script

Mr. Rockel has created a little helper script for data extraction from the Eikon terminal that can be found here. This repository is already preinstalled with an Eikon App Key on the Eikon computer in Rempartstr. 16 and can be accessed e.g. through PyCharm.

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