Portfolio Management


taught by Dr. Christoph Gerhart

ContentThe lecture  provides an introduction to portfolio management. In particular, the following topics will be discussed: security and portfolio analysis, the problem of optimal allocation of assets into a portfolio, diversification, as well as the evaluation and performance analysis of investments.                                                                                        
Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, HS 1098 KG I

First meetingWednesday, April the 24th, 2019
Futures and Options

Please find the current examination dates on the examination office's homepage.

For a correct identification, please bring your UniCard AND your ID to the exam.

For details on the registration and the registration period for the first exam, please also look at the websites of the examination offices of Economics and Mathematics for further information!

ILIASCourse materials will be available on ILIAS. The password necessary to register for the course on ILIAS will be given in the first lecture!

The lecture is open for M.Sc. Economics, B.Sc. and M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. VWL and diploma students in their advanced study period.

In M.Sc. Economics, the course can be credited in the profile "Finance".

In M.Sc. Mathematics, the course can be credited for the special profile "Finanzmathematik" or as an elective.

In B.Sc. Mathematics, the course can be credited as an elective.

In M.Sc. VWL, the course can be credited for

  • VWL-Theorie (examination regulations from 2011)

  • Accounting, Finance, and Taxation (new examination regulations, valid from winter term 2014/2015)

For VWL Diplom, the course can be credited in "Finanzmärkte und -management" or "Finanz- und Rechnungswesen".



taught by Dr. Victor Feunou

Fridays, 2-4pm, HS 3219 KG III                                                                                                                     
First meetingFriday, April the 26th, 2019


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