Private Law for Economy

The exam takes place on February the 27th, 2019 in the Audimax at 12-3pm.

This lecture is now being organized by the department of Public and Non-Profit Management - Kommunale Verwaltung by Prof. Dr. Saliterer. For questions please mail here.


taught by Herrn Dr. Thilo Schülke

The lecture always takes place in the Audimax KG II to the following dates:

  • Wednesday     October, 17th 2018         4-8pm
  • Friday              Ocboter, 26th 2018         2-6pm cancelled
  • Friday              November, 02nd 2018    2-6pm
  • Friday              November, 09th 2018     2-6pm
  • Wednesday     November, 14th 2018     4-8pm
  • Friday              November, 23rd 2018     2-6pm
  • Wednesday     November, 28th 2018     4-8pm
  • Friday              December, 07th 2018     2-6pm
  • Wednesday     December, 12th 2018     4-8pm
  • Friday              December, 21st 2018     2-6pm
  • Friday              January, 11th 2019         2-6pm
  • Friday              January, 18th 2019         2-6pm
  • Friday              January, 25th 2019         2-6pm
  • Friday              February, 01st 2019       2-6pm
  • Friday              February, 08th 2019       2-6pm in room 2006 KG II


The lecture is structured in two parts. The first provides foundations of civil law. The second gives an introduction to commercial, corporate and capital market law.


The lecture will be taught in German.



For details on the registration and the registration period for the first exam, please also look at the website of the examination office for further information!

The lecture is open to B.Sc. VWL students.


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