Behavioral Finance

Topics Course

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  • mittwochs, 18-20 Uhr, Raum 3044 KGIII,

  • donnerstags, 16-18 Uhr, Raum 1221 KGI.

    Erster Termin: 17. Oktober 2018

Der Topics Course wird auf Englisch gehalten.



 In the WS 2018/2019 we provide a topics course on behavioral finance. As a research area behavioral finance subsumes the theoretical and empirical work which challenges the efficient market hypothesis. Its “behavioral” perspective considers the joint consequences of i) limited arbitrage and ii) investors with not-fully rational beliefs or non-standard preferences.

The first part of the course is a lecture which presents important behavioral theories such as (cumulative) prospect theory, regret theory, and reference-dependent preferences. The lecture will be complemented by weekly exercises. The second part is constituted by participants’ presentations in class of one specific topic of behavioral finance. Topics and primary literature will be provided. Participants will have to write a referee report for one selected research paper.


Liste der Themen.



As the number of participants will be limited, a pre-registration is required. Please send your transcript and a short CV to


This course is primarily intended for students in the second year of the master program. Students in the finance profile of the MEP will have priority. In M.Sc. VWL the course can be credited for Accounting, Finance, and Taxation.

8 ECTS points based on

  •         Presentation performance,
  •         A referee report (3-5pp., due to 09.01.2019),
  •         60 min. Written exam in December,
  •         Participation.

The course can be dropped without penalty until November the 15th, 2018. Thereafter withdrawal will count as a failed examination attempt!

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